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Angel From Hell

CBS pulls Angel From Hell from schedule

After a less-than-angelic performance on Thursdays, Angel from Hell is getting yanked from the CBS schedule.

The network will replace the Jane Lynch comedy with a repeat of The Big Bang Theory this Thursday. On Feb. 18, 2 Broke Girls will move to Angel’s 9:30 p.m. timeslot. 

2 Broke Girls had been airing on Wednesdays at 8 since Jan. 6.

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Jane Lynch helps get CBS sitcom Angel From Hell off the ground

Angel From Hell follows an uptight woman named Allison (Maggie Lawson) and her relationship with the eccentric Amy (Lynch), a woman claiming to be her guardian angel who she meets right as her life is falling apart. In short, Angel From Hell is about a weirdo rescuing a non-weirdo from the monotony of everyday life. It’s not the most original premise, not at all — and that’s okay, because an original premise is not and has never been everything when it comes to the success of a television show. 

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