Anthony Hamilton

Jimmy Kimmel recruits the 'Whose billy goat is this?' guys to sing about other animals

Although Anthony Hamilton has been a successful R&B singer for more than 20 years, he reached newfound fame recently when a video of him serenading a billy goat went viral. After finding an unattended billy goat, Hamilton and his backup singers (The Hamiltones) sang the made-up ditty “Whose Billy Goat Is This?” As it turns out, goats aren’t the only animals they can sing to. On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel invited Hamilton and the Hamiltones onto his show to sing to other animals.

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'Essence' Fest ends with Anthony Hamilton, Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

Image Credit: Erika Goldring/Getty Images

For years, R&B singer Anthony Hamilton has packed the smaller stages at the Essence Music Festival. This year, though, Hamilton scored a closing Sunday night spot on the festival’s main stage, something he’s been seeking ever since he got a taste of the event.

“So many years have gone by with me wanting to be on that stage,” Hamilton told The Associated Press. “This is such a huge accomplishment for me that didn’t come easily.”

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