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Modern Family finale recap: 'Double Click'

The best thing to do every now and then is to take a deep breath, take a step back, and take it all in — something everyone eventually realized in this season finale (yup, it’s the finale already!). Over on the Dunphy side of things, Phil managed to have the difficult conversation with Luke about having girls sleep over only after trying to deny it and focus instead on practicing for family camp, Haley struggled to tell Andy she wants him to pursue his dream job but realized she has to let him go, and Alex wanted an epic homecoming but eventually cooled down.

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Modern Family recap: 'Crazy Train'

All aboard the Shenanigans Express! This week, the family takes the train to DeDe’s (a fabulous Shelley Long, back for a quick FaceTime session) wedding, but naturally, high jinks ensue when a) Phil and Cam run into their favorite author, b) Jay lets slip to DeDe’s future son-in-law that DeDe could get a bit, well, off-the-rails, c) Mitch tells Claire DeDe wanted him to write a toast instead of her, d) Alex meets a suitor, and e) Haley becomes the instigator of chaos for pretty much everyone. And that just about covers everything! Which means it’s time for…

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Modern Family recap: 'Promposal'

It’s prom season — and love is supposed to be in the air. Luke approaches Uncle Mitch for advice with his promposal, but Uncle Cam wants a bit of the spotlight, too, resulting in both uncles wrestling with promposal predicaments once they’re at school and trying to set everything up. Elsewhere around the neighborhood, Gloria has discovered that sauce rival Auntie Alice has stolen her recipe — and she and Phil won’t be tough lovin’ it to the thief.

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Modern Family recap: 'Express Yourself'

What’s sleep to the Dunphys and the Pritchetts? This week, everyone pulled an all-nighter of sorts: Haley and Andy stayed out to tap into “Wild Andy” in Vegas, Jay went for a midnight pick-me-up with Mitch, Cam fought his sister Pam in a late-night tussle, and Phil and Claire tried to keep their eyes open long enough to get in sync with the time zone in Paris (they won a trip, those lucky kids). But with that in mind…

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