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Arrow recap: 'Penance'

How do we atone for our wrongdoings? Is it selfish to let guilt guide us, when doing so makes life harder for the people around us? And just how drunk do you have to be to get tossed into a Russian jail?

Let’s recap Arrow’s latest and find out.

Flashback: Five years ago

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Arrow recap: 'A Matter of Trust'

If last week’s episode was about Team Arrow 2.0 learning to trust Oliver, then tonight’s outing was about Oliver learning to trust his new team. We’ve been with Oliver for five years now, so it’s no surprise he has an incredibly hard time putting faith in his team — to be fair, they don’t give him much reason to. But overall, this was an important step for the group in its development.

Flashback: Five years ago

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Arrow boss on Ragman reveal, Diggle's rescue, and more

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Arrow. Read at your own risk!

Both past and current Team Arrow had a rough go of it during Wednesday’s episode of Arrow.

Oliver (Stephen Amell) once again had trouble trusting his new team, especially after Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) basically turned an everyday drug dealer into a superhuman rage monster. Ultimately, Oliver allowed them to assist in taking down Stardust, giving viewers their first taste of everyone suited up.

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Arrow boss teases 100th episode, crossover catalyst

How will Kara Danvers make her way to the Arrowverse for the upcoming four-way crossover between Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl?

“Last year, Supergirl established that Flash was able to make his way to what I call Earth-CBS, and it stands to reason that, with the proper breach technology, the reverse can happen,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim told reporters Tuesday following a screening of this week’s Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

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Arrow boss on Diggle's dire predicament

If Diggle thought he was going to find redemption by reenlisting, he was sorely mistaken.

During last week’s episode of Arrow, Diggle (David Ramsey) was basically framed by his corrupt commanding officer in the military — wanting to make a quick buck on the triggers from the nukes that fell on Genesis day, the CO killed the clean members of the unit using Diggle’s gun and left the hero formerly known as Spartan to face a court martial.

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Arrow boss Marc Guggenheim teases 'most ambitious' crossover yet

When Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and the Legends of Tomorrow gather for the upcoming epic four-way crossover, they’ll be faced with their toughest challenge yet: The Dominators.

In the comics, specifically in Invasion!, the Dominators are technologically advanced aliens who form a coalition with various other races to invade Earth and eliminate the threat posed by unpredictable metahumans.

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Arrow recap: 'The Recruits'

Oliver struggles with trust and leadership tonight, but with a little help from the women in his life, Mayor Handsome gets a handle on things. Diggle, meanwhile, finds himself in a dire situation with no allies at all.

The episode opens with Wild Dog and Green Arrow once again in pursuit of the same bad guy. Tonight’s tussle ends with Wild Dog dangling upside down by a leg courtesy of a trick arrow while Green Arrow offers him a choice: Be a man in a hockey mask, or be something better. He leaves Wild Dog with a decision … and a card with a date and address on it.

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Arrow boss previews new Team Arrow

Come Wednesday, Team Arrow will have some brand new faces.

After the former team members all but move on with their lives, Oliver (Stephen Amell) has finally relented to training some newcomers, including Curtis (Echo Kellum), Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), and Evelyn Sharp (Madison McLaughlin). But Oliver’s never been one for great bedside manner, so his training methods won’t be conventional during Wednesday’s episode of Arrow.

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New CW superhero crossover details revealed

The CW is hosting what’s sure to be an epic four-way crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow soon — and we’ve got new details.

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Arrow: Laurel Lance's last words revealed

Oliver Queen has reverted to his criminal-killing ways in season 5 of Arrow.

When the CW super series returned, Oliver (Stephen Amell) offers no mercy to the slew of baddies he faces, falling back on his original M.O. of taking no prisoners. Why? Because of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy).

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