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Pierce Brosnan is selling a new drug in exclusive clip from Urge

Cursed(?) with handsome, leading man looks, Pierce Brosnan has spent most of his career playing movie heroes, most notably in his four Bond films. But the Irish actor does have a penchant for weirder roles, as he proved in 2005’s underrated Matador and demonstrates again with the new movie, Urge (out in theaters and on demand, June 3).

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Pierce Brosnan deals the ultimate party drug in first trailer for Urge

“Enjoy the trip.” The first trailer for pharmaceutical thriller Urge takes viewers on a wild ride as a group of friends experiment with the craziest drug on the planet.

“Supposedly, it blows the doors off anything you’ve done before, but you can only do it once,” explains protagonist Jason (Justin Chatwin).

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Ashley Greene is dying for some loving in exclusive scene from Burying the Ex

People often try to revive dead relationships. But what if the person doing so is deceased as well? That’s the set up for Burying the Ex, the new supernatural horror-comedy from the great Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, The ‘Burbs) that debuts in theaters and on VOD and iTunes June 19.

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Jonathan Banks, John Noble announced for Batman: Arkham Knight voice cast

The Batman: Arkham franchise has never lacked for impressive voice talent, but Rocksteady Studios has assembled some recognizable names to lend their vocals in the latest fight for Gotham.

A new video from Rocksteady revealed that Breaking Bad alum Jonathan Banks, Fringe star John Noble and Twilight veteran Ashley Greene have all joined the voice cast of Batman: Arkham Knight

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Ashley Greene won't stay dead in trailer for horror-comedy Burying the Ex

In the new horror-comedy Burying the Ex, Twilight franchise star Ashley Greene plays a woman named Evelyn who just can’t take a hint—that she’s dead. Directed by the great Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, The ‘Burbs) the film costars Anton Yelchin as Greene’s former boyfriend whose attempts to woo a character played by Alexandria Daddario are complicated by Evelyn’s (zombified) reappearance in his life.

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Casting Net: Josh Hutcherson, Zach Braff cast in James Franco's In Dubious Battle

  • James Franco has rounded out the cast of his adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel In Dubious Battle with stars Josh Hutcherson, Zach Braff, Analeigh Tipton, Ashley Greene and Ahna O’Reilly. Based on Steinbeck’s 1936 novel, the film portrays the struggle among a group of fruit pickers in 1930s California who are organizing a strike. Franco will direct from the Matt Rager-adapted&n

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New 'Wish I Was Here' trailer: Zach Braff is at a crossroads -- VIDEO

Zach Braff does a bit of soul searching after learning that his father’s cancer has returned in the latest trailer for the upcoming indie film Wish I Was Here. Watch it below:

Braff’s highly anticipated follow-up to Garden State focuses on 30-something Aiden (Braff), a struggling actor and father of two (Fargo’s Joey King and One Tree Hill’s Pierce Gagnon) who finds himself at a crossroads in his career and his family life.

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