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The Astronaut Wives Club


Ahead of NASA’s attempt to put a man on the moon, Max Kaplan is back from San Francisco (looking incredibly hipster) to get the Mercury Seven wives’ opinions on the first lunar landing and their husbands’ time in the space program. In the doc’s opening, Annie reveals nearly stutter-less speech, Rene announces her new job as a local newscaster, and Louise declares that Alan’s vertigo is completely gone following a successful surgery.

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'Dark Side'

With his thick Boston accent, Robert F. Kennedy kicks off “Dark Side” by reminding America that times are changing. Annie Glenn and Rene Carpenter are hot on his campaign trail, but the wives back in Houston are feeling the wave of change, too. Astronaut Wives Club members new and old continue to crush expectations, from expressing their fears to their husbands as the Apollo missions start back up, to filing for the first space divorce.

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Coping with a loss is never easy, but challenging a national department and seeing your loved one’s death splashed across the front page of worldwide newspapers in the process tends to worsen the situation. Gus’s funeral reunites the Mercury Seven, each of whom are experiencing rough times of their own. With Gus possibly being blamed for his own death, Betty attempts to uncover the real cause of the accident, while fellow widowed astronaut wife Pat White struggles to change out of her pajamas most days.

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The Astronaut Wives Club 'Rendezvous' postmortem: Haley Strode reflects on all of those astronaut deaths

Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Astronaut Wives Club episode 7.

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With two of the Mercury Seven astronauts grounded and two others out of the space business, the Gemini and Apollo wives start to steal the spotlight. “Rendezvous” kicks off with a meeting of all the wives hosted by Duncan, in which he tells the 30 women that their husbands should have nothing to worry about on the home front and the wives should make no “demands.” “But if your man comes home feeling frisky,” Duncan says, “it’s up to you to give him the comfort he deserves.”

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The Astronaut Wives Club creator says the Space Race will take a 'darker turn'

With only four episodes left in ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club, there’s still a lot of history left to cover. But according to the show’s creator Stephanie Savage, things start to pick up this week. “Right at the beginning [of episode 7], we learn that with the addition of Apollo, there are now 30 astronauts in training,” Savage tells EW.

An influx of new astronauts isn’t the only shocker in this week’s installment: “There are a couple of big things happening,” Savage says, warning viewers not to be interrupted while watching, or they might miss the action.

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'In the Blind'

It’s been eight months since President John F. Kennedy’s death, and John Glenn’s campaign for senate is in full swing, with Rene Carpenter along for the ride. Back in Houston, the ladies continue getting to know the new astronaut wives, and figure out how to deal with an over-obsessed Gus Grissom fan. And in Florida, another one of the original seven hears “You’re grounded” from NASA. Here’s how the Mercury wives and their husbands are dealing with the ever-changing dynamic of the Astro-life.

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Things are heating up in Houston, literally. As some of the wives scour to find air conditioning, others seek new jobs as female astronauts and newspaper columnists. Life reporter Max already has his next gig lined up: The proud New Yorker plans to head to San Francisco after Gordo’s flight to work for a progressive newspaper. But soon news hits that the astronauts and their wives will be coping with with a more permanent departure — the death of President John F. Kennedy. Here’s how each couple adjusted to the weather, the surprising assassination, and everything in between:

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The Astrofamilies have arrived in Houston, where Wally Schirra is set to be the next man in space, and there’s hope for NASA to unground Deke Slayton. Houston is also home to the nine new families prepping for the Gemini missions, along with a Junior League, Spaces Tours, and messy barbecue food. “Liftoff” opens with a vintage clip of President John F. Kennedy declaring America will win the Space Race, but it’s not long before JFK has Americans fearing for their lives ahead of what he believes may be a nuclear war with Russia.

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On the heels of the next flight, we’re starting to get the hang of how these launches play out. Tension builds between the wives, the astronauts, and the couples as they try to live up to NASA and America’s expectations, and more often than not, the flight doesn’t go as planned. And then the media’s there to make matters worse. “Retroattitude” offers exactly that plus a discussion of faith, another surprise wives trip to Florida, and some alcohol-induced honesty.

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