Bear Grylls

Nick Jonas strips down to boxer briefs, crosses freezing cold lake on Running Wild With Bear Grylls

Things weren’t exactly heating up on Nick Jonas’ episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls. The singer braved freezing temperatures crossing a frozen lake alongside the survivalist.

Between pained sighs and grunts, Jonas propelled himself through the dangerously cold waters by shouting motivational phrases. “We can do this. We got this,” Jonas yelled. “It’s all us, baby! Let’s go!”

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President Obama and Bear Grylls are all smiles during a trip to the Alaskan wilderness

Earlier this week, NBC revealed that President Barack Obama would become the first commander in chief to learn how to survive in the Great Outdoors with Bear Grylls. The British adventurer and host of Running Wild with Bear Grylls met up with Obama during a three-day trip to Alaska, in which the president is checking out the impact of climate change on the state and trying out his wilderness skills.

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Michelle Rodriguez eats a mouse soaked in her own urine for Bear Grylls' amusement

If NBC ever decides to revive Fear Factor with celebrity guests, they can consider Michelle Rodriguez’s appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls her disgusting audition tape.

The Fast and Furious actress appeared with Grylls and was tasked with chowing down on a mouse. But Grylls isn’t a monster – he wanted to make sure that mouse was clean to eat, so he and Rodriguez boiled the mouse in a pot of her own urine. With such demands, though, he probably shouldn’t have been commenting on the smell of urine.

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Ed Helms rescues Bear Grylls on Running Wild (well, sort of)

At least, he thinks he’s rescuing him.

When Vacation star Ed Helms joined nature conqueror Bear Grylls for a trip through the Colorado Mountains on NBC’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the actor froze up with fear while rappelling down a cliff — but that’s not to say Helms didn’t respond to the call of duty when he heard it, as shouted by Grylls from elsewhere in the woods.

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