Ben Barnes

Westworld team already working on potential season 2

Even though the artificial intelligence-fueled world of Westworld may revel in sharing secrets to its visitors, the HBO show’s creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, avoided divulging spoilers during their New York Comic Con panel — but fans did get the download on some behind-the-scenes details after watching a screening of the second episode.

Below, check out the highlights from a spoiler-allergic panel that also included cast members Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Jimmi Simpson, and Ben Barnes.

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Katherine Heigl finds her voice in Jackie and Ryan trailer

In Jackie & Ryan, Katherine Heigl plays a woman at a crossroads. Her Manhattan marriage has fallen apart and she’s moved back to Utah to put her life back togther while she battles her soon-to-be ex for custody of their daughter. Once upon a time, she was a singing sensation, so she can’t help but stop and listen to the handsome busker played by Ben Barnes. He’s just passing through, a train-hopping throwback living life one day at a time. 

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