Bill Gates

See how celebrities paid tribute to dads on Father's Day

If celebrities are just like us, then celebrity dads are just like our dads. They can be supportive, goofy, loving, and, at times, completely awkward, which can often yield some prime family photos perfect for posting on Father’s Day. Case in point: the snapshot Stella McCartney shared of her father, Paul, wearing just his underwear and a button-down shirt.

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Bill Gates predicted the future in January 2000

Fifteen years ago, when he was a man of just 45 years old, Bill Gates predicted the future. From the state of the record industry to viewers’ television habits to the evolution of advertising, the Microsoft co-founder had an amazing idea of what was to come. In honor of Gates’ 60th birthday Wednesday, read on below to see just how close he got.

The following article by Noah Robischon originally appeared in the January 7, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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