Bill Nye

See Bill Nye read mean tweets about himself

Bill Nye has accumulated his fair share of haters, whether that’s global warming de-Nye-rs or just pro-Amber Riley fans of Dancing with the Stars. So he was probably prepared for the worst when he participated in his own version of “Mean Tweets.” Fun science fact of the day: he easily shut down those Internet trolls.

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The best quotes from 2015 celebrity commencement speeches

Graduating college is an exciting achievement, but the four-hour ceremonies can be a bit of a buzzkill—that is, unless a famous person is on hand to give the commencement speech. A handful of celebrities have spoken to the class of 2015, offering insights for the future as well as some laughs. (Some even broke out into song.) We’ve rounded up the most inspirational (and witty) things they had to say below.

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