Black Widow Forever Red

Forever Red by Margaret Stohl: EW Review

SHIELD agent Natasha Romanoff — otherwise known as The Black Widow — can’t seem to shake her ledger of red, but that’s not going to stop her from saving the world. In the character’s first YA novel, Beautiful Creatures author Margaret Stohl weaves an imaginative tale that blends the beloved redhead’s comic background with a fresh retelling, via the help of “Red Widow” Ana Orlova and her mysterious friend, Alex Mason.

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Margaret Stohl talks Black Widow: Forever Red -- plus, read an exclusive excerpt

Black Widow isn’t just a sidekick—and Margaret Stohl’s got just the book to prove it. The best-selling author of the Beautiful Creatures franchise (who worked in the video game industry before turning her talent to the book world) is the creative mind behind Black Widow: Forever Red, the new young adult novel from Marvel Press featuring spy and superhero Natasha Romanoff.

The project was first announced at this year’s New York Comic Con, during the popular Women of Marvel panel which Stohl participated in along with several editors and innovators from the comic industry. To say Stohl’s book has been a long time coming would be an understatment: For years, fans have been clamoring for more focus on Black Widow, and the character’s continued presence in Marvel’s live action films have only increased that desire. Despite numerous solo comics and inclusion in everything from animated features and graphic novels, Black Widow has never truly had her time in the spotlight. That’s all about to change.

This weekend, at a highly anticipated Women in Marvel BookCon panel (moderated by Marvel Entertainment’s social media manager Adri Cowan), fans and book lovers will get to hear Stohl talk candidly about Black Widow: Forever Red, due out in October. EW spoke exclusively to Stohl about her writing process, how she got involved in Natasha Romanoff’s story, and why women (super spies or not) are more than ready to take over the world. 

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