Bourne 5

Jason Bourne trailer: 7 thrilling, intense moments

Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne, and by the looks of a brand-new trailer, seems ready to wreak some havoc. In many ways, the footage – which, clocking in at 150 seconds is the longest we’ve seen of the film so far – will immediately transport viewers to 2007.

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Jason Bourne wrecks the Las Vegas strip in new trailer

Universal dropped a brand new trailer for Jason Bourne, which features Matt Damon reprising his role as the bulked-up super spy.

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Jason Bourne doubles down on action in CinemaCon trailer

Producer Frank Marshall debuted the trailer for this summer’s Jason Bourne during Universal’s presentation at CinemaCon Wednesday, promising that the sequence shot in Las Vegas was “the best Bourne chase ever.” Noting the long passage of time since The Bourne Ultimatum, Marshall said that he, director Paul Greengrass, and star Matt Damon “haven’t made a movie for almost 10 years.” (At no point in his remarks did he mention The Bourne Legacy, 2012’s Diet Caffeine Freeboot version of Bourne.)​

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Jason Bourne director details status of super spy after 9 years away

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Ben Affleck responds to Matt Damon's Jason Bourne vs. Batman comments

When it comes to Batman vs. Jason Bourne, Ben Affleck has thrown the second punch. Responding to comments from his buddy Matt Damon regarding who would win in a fight, the newly minted Bruce Wayne has some words of his own. 

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Matt Damon answers burning questions about Jason Bourne

Move over, Bond; it’s Bourne’s time to shine.

The morally conflicted super spy – a character actor Matt Damon hasn’t played since 2007’s Bourne Ultimatum – is poised to return to the big screen in the upcoming Jason Bourne, which debuted its first teaser (and officially revealed its title) during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

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Matt Damon is back in first Jason Bourne teaser

Matt Damon is back in the first look at Jason Bourne.

The brand new teaser, which debuted during Sunday’s Super Bowl, features the very first footage released from the fifth film in the Bourne franchise.

“I know who I am,” he declares in the action-packed clip. “I remember everything.”

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Alicia Vikander teases her 'action-driven' Bourne 5 role

We’ve already seen Matt Damon’s return as Jason Bourne, but what of his costar Alicia Vikander? While details are still scarce, the Danish Girl Oscar nominee teased she has an action-heavy role in the fifth Bourne film. 

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Matt Damon on Jason Bourne: 'We find him in a dark and tortured place'

There has been a CIA level of secrecy around the fifth installment in the Jason Bourne film franchise. But Matt Damon is offering a glimpse into the world of Bourne 5 — and it’s a world that’s not dissimilar to our own.

“There’s been the financial collapse, the great recession, all these issues of cyberwarfare and civil liberties,” star and producer Damon tells EW for this week’s First Look issue.

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Casting Net: Liam Neeson to star in new action-comedy from Zombieland director

  • Liam Neeson is back with a vengeance — and jokes. The late-career action stud will lead The Revenger, directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland). The script’s plot, written by Night at the Museum scribes and Reno 911! alums Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, is under wraps.
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