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Arnold Schwarzenegger replaces Donald Trump in first Celebrity Apprentice teaser

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Celebrity Apprentice is getting another celebrity-turned-politician to sit in Donald Trump’s chair: The first teaser for the upcoming season of the business competition show reveals Arnold Schwarzenegger’s debut as host of what is now The New Celebrity Apprentice.

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NBC: Donald Trump will 'never' return to Apprentice

Donald Trump better win the election, because he will “never” be allowed back on Celebrity Apprentice, NBC’s top executive says. 

EW asked NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt after NBC’s execution session on the Television Critics Association tour in Beverly Hills on Tuesday if Trump could return to the show if he loses his presidential bid in November. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Celebrity Apprentice gets premiere date

The rebooted Celebrity Apprentice with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially landed a premiere date.

EW has confirmed that the NBC reality show is set to return on January 2 at 8 p.m. ET, almost two years since the last iteration of the series aired. The new season sees the show move from New York to Los Angeles.

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Snooki, Boy George, Carnie Wilson, more set for Celebrity Apprentice

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is swapping the Jersey Shore for the boardroom: The reality TV star is set to appear on season 8 of The Celebrity Apprentice along with Grammy-winning musician Boy George, Wilson Phillips member Carnie Wilson, and SNL alum Jon Lovitz.

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Celebrity Apprentice EP on replacing Donald Trump: 'A change had to be made'

In the wake of Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing Donald Trump as host of Celebrity Apprentice, executive producer Mark Burnett addressed the big elephant at the room at the Emmys: What will the Terminator star use as his soon-to-be signature catchphrase?

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What Donald Trump's presidential campaign means for Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump launched his presidential campaign Tuesday, which could mean he has a future as president of the U.S.—but  maybe not as host of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

“We will re-evaluate Trump’s role as host of Celebrity Apprentice should it become necessary, as we are committed to this franchise,” NBC said in a statement.

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Celebrity Apprentice renewed for season 15

Celebrity Apprentice is coming back to fire more people. EW has confirmed that the reality show has been renewed for season 15 by NBC.

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'A New Celebrity Apprentice Is Crowned'

And the winner of Celebrity Apprentice is… us! Yes, we are all winners in any scenario that involves Geraldo Rivera attempting to recall the titles of TV series starring Lorenzo Lamas as well as Donald Trump chair-dancing alongside giant Transformer robots. But, more specifically, the real winner was Leeza Gibbons—her just reward for having to endure a season’s worth of debates and discussions about menstrual cycles and butt implants with a side order of Ian Ziering motivational speeches.

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And the Celebrity Apprentice winner is...

[SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched Monday’s season finale of The Celebrity Apprentice.]

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'Universal Wizards'

We always knew it would come to this. For weeks the Celebrity Apprentice final two seemed etched in stone, which is to say, Eric Trump’s hair. Leeza vs. Geraldo! Resistance was futile. It was always going to be them. It didn’t matter how many tasks Geraldo lost in a row or how many times Leeza politely refused to get drawn into debates and discussions regarding other contestants’ menstrual cycles—the two veteran talk show hosts were on a crash course for the title of Celebrity Apprentice which, in the grand scheme of things, means… absolutely nothing.

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