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Hulu to exclusively stream all seasons of Community, WGN dramas

Greendale’s moving to Hulu. 

The streaming service announced Monday a new licensing agreement with Sony Pictures Television, allowing it to add the sixth and final season of Community to its library to become the exclusive streaming video on demand (SVOD) home to the complete series. (Though Yahoo streamed the comedy’s final season, Hulu content available on Yahoo will only consist of free clips from now on.) Subscribers will be able to stream all episodes of the comedy, about a study group of misfits, beginning Monday.

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Dan Harmon discusses a possible Community movie: 'It'll happen'

Community, which ran for six seasons between 2009 and 2015, is one movie away from fulfilling its own pre-established destiny, and series creator Dan Harmon is yet again teasing fans about the the return of his beloved cult hit comedy series, which he says will likely happen only when his cast has the time.

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Joel McHale would love to make Community movie (if someone funds it)

Retired sitcom Community lasted its pre-ordained six seasons — a fan-favorite despite never earning massive ratings. But what about the second half of the prophecy: a movie?

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Ken Jeong and Jim Rash talk Dr. Ken reunion, and, yes, the possibility of a Community movie

Dr. Ken staged a mini Community reunion last month when Joel McHale and Danny Pudi guest-starred on Ken Jeong’s ABC sitcom. The family/medical comedy will continue to make its way through the Community roster when Jim Rash appears on Friday’s episode as Devon Drake, a malpractice attorney who hopes to discredit Ken’s character as an expert medical witness.

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See a sneak peek at the Community season 6 gag reel

After Community lost its home on Yahoo Screen when the video hub shut down earlier this year, another season of the cult comedy appears to be fairly unlikely. So while fans — and the cast — continue to hold onto the hope of

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Gillian Jacobs: Community cast 'would love to do the movie'

“Six Seasons and a Movie” was more than a mere catchphrase for fans of NBC sitcom Community. It became a mantra fans repeated often to give themselves hope that the comedy – which was constantly on the verge of cancelation – would somehow find a way to survive.

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Another Community mini-reunion alert: Jim Rash to guest on Dr. Ken

As you may know, the Feb. 5 episode of Dr. Ken will reunite Community stars Joel McHale and Danny Pudi with Ken Jeong.

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24, Community stars to appear on The Grinder

UPDATE: The episode featuring Jim Rash has been moved from Feb. 2 to Feb. 9.

The Grinder will be paid a visit by the President of the United States.

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Yahoo shutters Screen, former home of Community

The place where Community fans gathered to watch the sixth season of their favorite show is no more. EW has confirmed that Yahoo has shut down Yahoo Screen, the one-time savior of Community, which served as a hub for all of the company’s originals and syndicated programming. (In other words, it’s that place where you streamed live sport sporting events and watched Saturday Night Live clips.)

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Community predicted this Peeple app a year ago

I think it’s safe to say that we are all pretty horrified about the new Peeple app, which is basically a Yelp for individuals. The app will allow users to give ratings to people that they know using a star system, which may sound pretty familiar to some fans of the show Community. The cult comedy featured an episode last year all about an app that allowed users to give rankings to other people, and the dystopian repercussions that followed.

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