Constance Zimmer

What Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner would tell her younger self

Few things are more amusing than celebrated stars looking back on their earlier performances and laughing about them. That’s what happened when Entertainment Weekly hit the red carpet at the 68th annual Emmy Awards on Sunday and asked what advice actors like Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner and UnREAL’s Constance Zimmer would give to their younger selves for their first roles.

“My first ever [role] was Thrones and [my advice] would be, ‘Don’t be so bad!’” Turner said.

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UnREAL's Constance Zimmer is celebrating her first Emmy nomination in a Quinn-approved fashion

Money. Dick. Power. Emmys. Constance Zimmer has just landed her first ever Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama category for her ruthless portrayal of UnREAL’s cutting producer, Quinn King. We caught up with the 45-year-old, who learned of the news while vacationing with her family in the South of France — with barely any cell service. 

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On the set of UnREAL: How the breakout summer drama won a second date — and what to expect in season 2

Strategically scattered rose petals? Check. Strands of twinkle lights draped over every banister? Check. Crystal chandeliers — all 28 of them — turned on in every room? Check, check, check. On the Vancouver set of UnREAL, Lifetime’s surprise hit chronicling the behind-the-scenes drama of reality TV, the mansion has been prepped to look like a picture-perfect paradise — which means the most dramatic season of Everlasting, its show-within-a-show, is about to begin.

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UnREAL EP, cast talk pressure of making season 2

Not even the cast of UnREAL — Lifetime’s drama about the behind-the-scenes dysfunction on a Bachelor-like reality dating show — could have predicted its success.

“When they told me about it, it sounded like it was something on Lifetime about reality shows, so I thought, ‘This is it. It’s over [for me],’” admits Craig Bierko, who plays Chet. “I was leaning towards judgment before I read it, like, this is gonna be a soap opera, you know? But there was this other element where none of the characters were easy. Everybody had a duality, which is fascinating.”

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UnREAL season 2: Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer dish on their new love interests

The new suitor isn’t the only new gent arriving when UnREAL’s second season unspools on June 6. The two main characters, Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer), are getting new love interests. Well, “love of sorts,” Zimmer qualified during the UnREAL panel at Vulture Festival Sunday.

Still, both Appleby and Zimmer were excited to spill the beans on their fetching new fellas, played by Michael Rady and Ioan Gruffudd, respectively.

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