Cookie Monster

Ian McKellen tries to help Cookie Monster resist cookies--it doesn't go too well

Sesame Street

Maybe Ian McKellen should have brought his lesson about the word “resist” to Middle-earth before he delivered it to Cookie Monster.

The actor behind Gandalf and Magneto stopped by Sesame Street for a segment with Cookie Monster about how important being able to resist something is.

Unsurprisingly, Cookie has no issue resisting a particularly powerful ring, but when it comes to his signature treat? Things become a bit more difficult.

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Cookie Monster does hard-hitting interview with BBC's 'Newsnight' -- VIDEO

Why did BBC News anchor Emily Maitlis attempt to interview Cookie Monster – seriously – on Monday’s Newsnight? The answer may surprise you.

Okay, it probably won’t – as the Mirror explains, the stunt was meant to promote a new BBC children’s network series that will find Cookie Monster and his pal Elmo living and working in a hotel. (Its name: The Furchester. Why don’t we live in Britain?!)

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'Twilight' star Kellan Lutz teaches Cookie Monster the word 'vibrate' -- VIDEO

Kellan Lutz guests on today’s episode of Sesame Street, dropping by to introduce Cookie Monster to a new and exciting word: “vibrate.” Presumably, Sesame’s writers picked that one because “beefcake” seemed inappropriate for preschoolers.

The resulting video is pretty cute, especially when the blue guy’s vast, eternal hunger leads him to devour something near and dear to Lutz’s heart. (Sorry, ladies – I’m not talking about his shirt.) It’s perhaps the actor’s best work ever – and certainly his most believable.

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