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Friends mashup reimagines the show with Chandler as a ghost

A Friends megafan posted a mashup video reimagining the classic sitcom with a heartbreaking twist: What if Chandler died?

In the video, the classic jokester played by Matthew Perry dies in a car collision with an ice cream truck. Tragically, snappy editing of scenes from throughout the show’s 10-season run are reorganized to appear as though Joey is mourning the loss of his best friend and Monica is struggling to get on without the love of her life.

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Watch the 'Friends' cast reunite on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Image Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel lived out his fantasy on Wednesday after staging a mini-Friends reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The late night host enlisted Must-See TV alums Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to act out some of his own Friends fan-fiction that he had written years ago, in which he inserted himself into the show’s script.

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'Cougar Town': Brian Van Holt on directing tonight's mini 'Friends' reunion

Cougar Town

Image Credit: Doug Hyun/TBS

Tuesday night’s episode of Cougar Town marks the first time actor Brian Van Holt stepped behind the camera to direct an episode of the comedy, accomplishing a goal he’d had since he started working on the series five seasons ago. And while he was thrilled to finally get the chance, the opportunity also came with a little added pressure – it was an episode that was set to guest star Courteney Cox’s former Friends castmate Matthew Perry.

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'Cougar Town': Talk about the season 5 premiere!

Wtw Cougar Town

Image Credit: Darren Michaels/TBS

After a way-too-long hiatus, our favorite cul-de-sac crew is back for a fifth season. And this week’s title card stated what everyone was already thinking: “Season Five? Didn’t see that coming.” But the little show that could is still going strong, and I’ll gladly pound some grape to that!

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'Friends' reunion alert! Matthew Perry has some advice for Jennifer Aniston -- VIDEO

Jennifer Aniston appears on today’s episode of Ellen, but not just as a guest – she’s co-hosting the show. Naturally, this gig carries more pressure than a simple guest appearance… which is why Aniston thought it’d be a good idea to stop by her old Friend Matthew Perry’s house and ask him for advice, since he recently co-hosted alongside DeGeneres himself.

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