David Sandberg

Kung Fury director teases a sequel

Remember Kung Fury, the bonkers half-hour movie about a time-traveling kung fu cop from Miami who fights Adolf Hitler? Well, it looks like we could be getting a sequel. 

David Sandberg, the Swedish writer/director behind Kung Fury, recently posted a photo of a script titled Kung Fury II: The Movie to Instagram. “Today, Kung Fury turns 1,” he wrote. “Today, the future is written… Stay tuned.” 

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Kung Fury is the most insane, over-the-top '80s action movie you never saw

Kung Fury, a Kickstarter-funded short film from Swedish director and star David Sandberg, is a half-hour of ridiculous action mayhem and 1980s homages. Sandberg plays the titular kung-fu master/Miami cop and Triceratops is Triceracop, a mild-mannered cop who happens to be a Triceratops. After saving the day from a rogue arcade machine, Kung Fury faces his greatest challenge yet—traveling through time to take down Nazi leader (and kung-fu expert) Adolf Hitler.

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