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Forged in Fire

Prepare for the return of Forged in Fire with an exclusive premiere clip

For the uninitiated (we do pity you), Forged in Fire is a spiritual prequel to Top Chef. Instead of creating dishes, the reality competition show pits bladesmiths against each other to craft badass weapons and other various sharp objects, which are then judged by factors of cutting and killing ability.

“There’s a kill test,” says host Wil Willis. “There’s always a kill test, and those are fun.”

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Forged in Fire: EW review

The History channel’s new reality competition is basically a Top Chef fan’s fever dream. At the start of each episode, four competing blacksmiths (most of whom are richly bearded) are tasked with creating a specific weapon. The judges then run each blade through a gamut of tests to determine whether the knife/sword/ax is a good knife/sword/ax. Why are they doing this? How does $10,000 sound? During the premiere, we see suspended, whole fish sliced with katanas—and no one present seems to think this is remotely bizarre.

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