Frank Dillane

Fear the Walking Dead actress talks THAT returning character's brutal impact on Nick's sanity

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the Fear the Walking Dead season 2 episode, “Grotesque.”

Fear the Walking Dead’s resident recovering drug addict (and bloody t-shirt enthusiast), Nick, certainly has a way with women and that’s not always a good thing.

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Comic-Con 2016: Everything you need to know before the Fear the Walking Dead panel

In true franchise fashion, Fear the Walking Dead brought together the surviving members of the Manawa/Clark clan at a luxurious Mexican compound run by a seemingly well-intentioned (but ultimately shady) matron, Celia, the lifelong caretaker of Strand’s lover, Thomas, only to viciously tear them apart throughout May’s midseason finale.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Exclusive image and intel on the show's return

Fear the Walking Dead will return on Aug. 21 with the survivors facing a brand new challenge – separation from each other. After Celia’s compound was destroyed by Daniel, the group scattered. “The big question for the back half [of season 2] is when and how will the family reunite?” says showrunner Dave Erickson. “The interesting thing will be watching them splinter off in multiple directions and seeing how each group can survive and what they do to find their place in the apocalypse.”

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Fear the Walking Dead premiere: Frank Dillane on playing vulnerable junkie Nick

He was our first character in the Fear the Walking Dead series premiere to encounter a zombie, but why would anyone believe a junkie who just got hit by a car while standing in the middle of the road? Well, no one did. But they all soon learned well enough. Nick was our first point of entry into this world descending into chaos, and the man who played him, Frank Dillane, gave an eye-popping performance, showing the both street-smart and vulnerable sides of Nick in equal measure. We chatted with Dillane about his intriguing portrayal of an addict now facing brand new demons.

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Frank Dillane on how Harry Potter prepared him for Fear the Walking Dead

Being a new offshoot of the most popular show in cable television history automatically means there has been a lot of attention on Fear the Walking Dead, even though the new AMC series has yet to air a single episode. (The premiere is set for Aug. 23.) But if there’s one person who may be prepared for the crush of fan attention, it is Frank Dillane.

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