Fresh Romance

Comic anthology Fresh Romance to receive print edition, short stories

Last year, Fresh Romance — the fantastic collection of romance anthology stories from Rosy Press editor Janelle Asselin — made headlines when it debuted with a Kickstarter that immediately broke records, earning more than $53,000 and garnering critical acclaim. With a few convention-related excepts, the comic had only been available digitally — but that’s all about to change.

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Fresh Romance publisher Janelle Asselin tackles new ground in fourth issue -- exclusive preview

Since its debut in May, Fresh Romance has done more than just bring romance comics back into the world. It’s captured the attention of comic and non-comic fans alike thanks to its original creative stories, talented collaborative teams and intriguing art that includes everything from divorce advice columns to gender-specific essays.

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A first look at the inaugural issue of Rosy Press' Fresh Romance -- exclusive

Take note, world—Fresh Romance is finally here.

The monthly digital romance magazine from ComicsAlliance senior editor and former DC Comics editor Janelle Asselin came to fruition following a massively successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $50,000. Published by Asselin’s company, Rosy Press, Fresh Romance’s highly anticipated first issue debuts today.

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Rosy Press' Fresh Romance kickstarter adds new creators and stories -- exclusive

UPDATE: As confirmed by Rosy Press on Monday, Fresh Romance has reached the Gail Simone stretch goal EW first reported. The campaign, which is in its final hours, ends Wednesday morning at approximately 9 a.m. ET. With just 40 hours to go, Fresh Romance has raised a total of $48,025.

ORIGINAL STORY: Romance comics are coming back—and the world has Janelle Asselin to thank.

Asselin, senior editor at ComicsAlliance and a former editor at DC and Disney, has been a long-time vocal advocate for gender inclusion in the comics world. On March 23, she launched a Kickstarter through her company, Rosy Press, to fund a monthly digital romance comic magazine called Fresh Romance. Within just ten days, the project had reached its goal of $28,000—and that total is rising daily.

Fresh Romance already boasts an acclaimed group of writers and artists who have signed on for the first issue (due out next month) including Kate Leth, Arielle Jovellanos, Amanda Scurti, Sarah Vaughn, Sarah Winifred Searle, Sarah Kuhn, Sally Jane Thompson and Savanna Ganucheau. Today, EW is proud to exclusively reveal information about new stories from even more talented creators such as Marguerite Bennett, Marcy Cook, Maya Kern, Jen Van Meter, Kyle Latino, Marissa Louise and Spike Trotman—as well as New York Times best-selling writer Gail Simone.

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