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Grimm costars David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch are engaged

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Your favorite Grimm stars will son be walking down the aisle: David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch are engaged, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Tulloch, who portrays Juliette on the drama series, debuted her stunning new bling at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 over the weekend. 

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Grimm cast on who ‘goes to the dark side’ in season 6

Killing Conrad to save Nick’s (David Giuntoli) life definitely wasn’t enough to absolve Renard (Sasha Roiz) in the eyes of Nick and the rest of the group. When the NBC series returns for its sixth season, Nick and Renard are most definitely on the outs.

“We’ve read the first three scripts [of season 6]. We’re not friends in the first three scripts,” series star David Giuntoli says during an interview in the EW studio at San Diego Comic Con. Bree Turner, who plays Rosalee, adds, “There’s no frenemies. It’s enemies.”

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Grimm finale recap: 'The Beginning of the End, Part I and Part II'

Before we dive into all of the episode details, can we talk about this stellar season? It was the best yet, which is pretty impressive for a show in their fifth season. “The Beginning of the End” was honestly one of the best season finales of any show I’ve ever seen, and definitely the best episode of Grimm to date. What made it so wonderful? It was truly the culmination of everything — the fight scenes, the pace, the plot, the emotion and heart, the unpredictability, the suspense, the writing and the acting. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

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David Giuntoli talks Grimm's shocking season 5 finale

Season 5 of Grimm has come to a close with an explosive, action-packed, and emotional two-hour finale episode. “The Beginning of the End” had it all — from epic fight scenes to a heartwarming moment between Monroe and Rosalee. The stage certainly has been set for a dramatic sixth season.

We caught up with David Giuntoli, who plays Nick, to get the scoop on Eve’s (or should we say, Juliette’s?) unexpected reaction to the miracle stick, the future of Nick and Adalind’s relationship, and what he hopes to see in season 6.

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Grimm finale: David Giuntoli teases miracle stick repercussions

Grimm’s fifth season comes to a close Friday with a special two-hour finale episode. With Nick’s anger boiling over after seeing Renard with Kelly and Adalind on television, the battle against Black Claw is about to be set in motion.

We chatted with David Giuntoli, who plays Nick, about the unexpected relationship between Nick and Adalind, the miracle stick, and what kind of trouble the season finale may bring for our Scooby gang.

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Grimm recap: 'Bad Night'

With just two episodes left in the season, Grimm is gearing up for a crazy showdown between Nick and the gang and Black Claw. With Black Claw keeping Adalind and Kelly hidden and using them for personal gain, Nick’s determination to get his family back is about to set the inevitable war against Black Claw into motion.

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Grimm recap: ‘The Taming of the Wu'

We got major plot progression this week, guys! I’m having a hard time even figuring out what the best moment was because the whole episode was amazing and action-packed. I appreciate episodes like this so much more than watching people get run over and seeing their boneless, deflated meat suits lying around (see: last week’s episode).

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Grimm recap: ‘Good to the Bone’

Yet another episode with a killer case and major plot progression. Keep it up, Grimm!

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Grimm recap: 'Inugami'

This week’s episode of Grimm centers on a Japanese wesen tradition of honor and justice that, per the usual, turns deadly. We also get a whole lot of plot progression (finally) for all of our characters. The first half of this season was so incredible because it focused on one overarching story line. Not that the rest of the season hasn’t been good with all of its typical case episodes, but it feels like it’s time to get back to the major issues at hand here.

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Grimm recap: 'The Believer'

This week’s episode of Grimm plays on the dangers of religious fanaticism in a brilliant way. And bonus: We’re gifted with stellar guest star William Mapother (Ethan from Lost) playing the role of a traveling evangelical preacher, Dwight Eleazar, who utilizes his wesen face to gain followers and dole out peace.

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