Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren calls Donald Trump a 'dinosaur' in latest interview

Helen Mirren joins the chorus of celebrities who have spoken out against Donald Trump following the 2005 recording that surfaced earlier this month in which he’s heard making graphic comments about women. During a luncheon Tuesday held to promote her film Eye in the Sky, the actress was asked to give her thoughts on misogyny in the current election.

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Helen Mirren's guide to landing her Documentary Now! gig

Even for an Oscar winner, filming IFC’s mockumentary series Documentary Now! alongside Saturday Night Live vets Fred Armisen and Bill Hader posed challenges. This season, the beloved Brit brings her gravitas to seven new episodes of nonfiction spoofs, including The Bunker, a parody of political classic <em style=”line-

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Collateral Beauty trailer: Will Smith talks to Love, Death, and Time

It didn’t take long for Will Smith to sign on to this December’s Collateral Beauty. “It was one of those where you get a screenplay and you are in by page 10. You just go, ‘Okay, I’m making this one,’” Smith told EW last month. “It’s a really beautiful story and one of those movies that makes the holiday beautiful.”

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Helen Mirren shuts down sexist comments in unearthed '70s interview

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Helen Mirren has no time for sexist comments, as proven by a recently unearthed video from a 1975 interview.

Mirren appeared on the British talk show Parkinson, in which host Michael Parkinson is shown questioning Mirren, then 30, about her body.

Following an introduction in which Parkinson quotes a number of reviewers’ overtly sexual comments about Mirren, the actress walked onto the stage and referenced a phrase Parkinson used: “That was sluttishly erotic for you,” she said.

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