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Wolverine shows his claws in new Logan photo

The upcoming Logan may find Wolverine a little older and more battle-scarred, but those claws are as sharp as ever.

Hugh Jackman shared a new black-and-white photo from the film on Twitter, showing the aging mutant with mutton chops standing outside a house at night. Like the rest of the Logan teaser photos we’ve seen so far, it’s a cryptic shot, with Wolverine apparently standing over a fallen foe.

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Logan trailer: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is back with a vengeance

So much for going gentle into that good night. Hugh Jackman’s razor-clawed antihero is back in the new trailer for Logan, the third installment of the Wolverine film series.

Set to the sounds of Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt,” the trailer finds Logan looking uncharacteristically grizzled and scarred, as his famous healing factor ain’t what it used to be. More than anything, the X-Men alum is weary from a life of fighting.

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Logan photo reveals Hugh Jackman's aging Wolverine

Wolverine might be getting too old for this s—!

A new image from Logan director James Mangold seems to finally confirm the rumors: Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine will find him playing a much older version of the character.

On Wednesday, Mangold tweeted out the first photo of an aged Logan — and time hasn’t treated the character well, as Jackman sports a few gray hairs, beaten skin, a noticeable scar, and a haunted look in his eyes.

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Logan images tease Wolverine's car trouble and the future of mutantkind

Since the debut of the title and poster for the third Wolverine movie, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold have been releasing new images from Logan with each passing day. The latest comes in the form of storyboard art from artist Gabriel Hardman and a snapshot of a cryptic message on a bathroom stall. 

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Logan director reveals first look at 'old friend' Professor X

In the upcoming Wolverine-centric film, Logan, the regenerating hero will be joined by his “old friend.” 

Director James Mangold shared a photo of Patrick Stewart Thursday on Twitter, noting the camera lens and aperture it took to capture the up-close shot. Stewart returns for his role of Charles “Professor X” Xavier, with an aged look that furthers speculation of an “Old Man Logan” plot. 

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Hugh Jackman tweets release date, title for final Wolverine movie

Logan is back for one last snikt.

On Wednesday, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman revealed the first teaser poster and possible title for what will be his final stint as the iconic X-Men character following 16 years of films. “LOGAN,” wrote Jackman alongside a picture of the teaser artwork, which was emblazoned on the side of a building. The poster includes the name Logan as well, the official Wolverine 3 title.

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