Ice Cube

Fist Fight trailer: Ice Cube challenges Charlie Day to a schoolyard brawl

How do you solve a problem between teachers? According to the new comedy Fist Fight, the title says it all.

Ice Cube and Charlie Day star as the two educators gearing up for some old-fashioned fisticuffs that the new trailer teases as being akin to Ali vs. Frazier, 2pac vs. Biggie, or Batman vs. Superman.

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Ice Cube still wants to make a Last Friday movie

Ice Cube may have one more Friday movie in him.

On Monday the rapper, actor, and filmmaker revealed on Twitter that he has met with New Line Cinema about making Last Friday, which would be the fourth film in the comedy franchise about an everyman trying to get by in South Central L.A.

Cube’s update came with a caveat, however: “Can’t do Last Friday unless we can do it right,” he wrote. “Ball is in New Line Cinema’s hands. Bat is in mine.”

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Ice Cube and Jimmy Kimmel team up for hip-hop Kidz Bop

As Hamilton’s Tony Awards haul proved this weekend, hip-hop remains one of America’s most vital and vibrant art forms. Often, however, its best songs aren’t suitable for young listeners, what with all the swearing, violence, and sex. To address this problem, Jimmy Kimmel recruited Ice Cube and a group of other rappers (Lil Jon, A$AP Rocky, ) to translate their best songs for kids, in full Kidz Bop style.

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Ice Cube reflects on the NWA reunion, working with Prince

Big-name reunions are now so common at Coachella as to be almost unremarkable. This year’s festival alone featured Guns N’ Roses, LCD Soundsystem, and NWA. But where LCD Soundsystem only broke up five years ago, it’s been more than 27 years since the surviving members of NWA appeared on stage together. When Ice Cube appeared on The Late Late Show on Tuesday, he reflected on the experience of reuniting with his iconic group (minus the late Eazy-E).

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Inside the black comedy boom

One of the biggest movies to hit multiplexes this month likely won’t be a superhero flick or a dystopian drama. Barbershop: The Next Cut, the third installment in the series, is leading a wave of black comedies at the box office, including the comedic horror flick Meet the Blacks and Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s action-comedy (with a cute kitten), Keanu.

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