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Ithaca trailer: Watch Meg Ryan's touching reunion with Tom Hanks in her directorial debut

It’s been nearly a year since Meg Ryan’s Ithaca first premiered at the Middleburg Film Festival, and even longer since the rom-com queen last shared the screen with frequent collaborator Tom Hanks. Now, nearly two decades after the release of You’ve Got Mail, audiences can catch a glimpse at the pair’s (brief) onscreen reunion in the new trailer for Ryan’s directorial debut.

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Meg Ryan on her onscreen reunion with Tom Hanks: 'It was such an act of friendship'

There’s a scene toward the beginning of Ithaca, Meg Ryan’s 1940s-set directorial debut, which sees a teenage boy returning home from his new job as a mail carrier. Having delivered a military telegram notifying a local woman of her son’s death, the boy, Homer (newcomer Alex Neustaedter), reassures his own mother (Ryan) of the goodness that still exists within him.

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