Jacqueline Kennedy

Who makes a better Jackie Kennedy: Ginnifer Goodwin or Katie Holmes? -- POLL

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Image Credit: Kent Eanes/National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel has released the first picture Ginnifer Goodwin as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy on the set of Killing Kennedy, currently in production in Richmond, Va. Based on the best-selling book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, the two-hour drama – scheduled to air in November – chronicles the final years of President Kennedy and his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

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FIRST LOOK EXCLUSIVE! 'Before Watchmen' pins Marilyn Monroe's death on 'The Comedian' -- and a former First Lady

Before Watchmen5

Image Credit: DC Comics

Until now, “Before Watchmen” –  a new DC Comics franchise composed of prequel mini-series to the acclaimed mid-eighties super-hero saga Watchmen – has courted controversy by simply existing. Telling more Watchmen tales without creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons?

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The new Jacqueline Kennedy book: Even more fascinating detail

Jacqueline Kennedy

By now you’ve probably read about Jackie calling Indira Gandhi “a real prune,” or saying, “I get all my opinions from my husband,” as well as her tart, shrewd assessments of various ambassadors, cabinet ministers, and foreign heads of state. But a quick skim of Jacqueline Kennedy: Conversations of Life with John F. Kennedy, published today by Hyperion, reveals plenty of other fascinating nuggets.

On her husband’s reading habits:

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