Jake McDorman

Jake McDorman boards Paul Rudd, Steve Coogan comedy Ideal Home

Jake McDorman is moving into an Ideal Home, EW has confirmed.

The Limitless star has signed on to the upcoming comedy, which stars Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan as Paul and Erasmus, a bickering gay couple. Their extravagant life is upended by the surprise arrival of Erasmus’ grandson, who shows up after vagrant father Beau (McDorman) loses custody.

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Limitless is hosting a Bollywood dance number: Get your first look

In many ways, Limitless is your classic procedural: An average guy with enhanced intelligence partners with the FBI to solve crimes and catch bad guys. But over the course of its first season, the show has adopted a playful and often quirky tone, including trippy children’s show dream sequences, homages to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and now, an elaborate Bollywood dance sequence.

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Jake McDorman breaks down the Limitless midseason premiere — and Bradley Cooper’s return

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Limitless.

Bradley Cooper, 2016?

Limitless’ midseason premiere saw the return of Cooper as Senator Edward Morra, reprising his role from the 2011 movie that introduced us all to the brain-enhancing powers of NZT. After surviving an assassination attempt on his life, the small-screen version of Morra is now making a run for president — just as FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) is starting to piece together his connections to NZT.

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Brian meets Edward Morra’s would-be assassin in exclusive Limitless clip

Bradley Cooper, star of Limitless, the movie, will make his return to Limitless, the TV show, on Tuesday night as slacker-turned-senator Edward Morra, who finds his life in danger after an assassination attempt.

While the FBI looks into the attempt on his life, Morra recruits Brian (Jake McDorman) to sabotage their investigation and prevent them from discovering Morra’s connection to NZT.

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See Bradley Cooper's return to Limitless, plus more things we learned at New York Comic Con

He promised he’d be back — and he will be. Bradley Cooper, who plays Senator and presidential hopeful Eddie Morra, is set to return to Limitless in episode 6 airing Oct. 27, executive producer Craig Sweeny revealed at the New York Comic Con panel for the show Friday afternoon.

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Bad Mannequins provide the soundtrack to Jake McDorman's past on Limitless — exclusive

Brian Finch plays a key role in helping the FBI crack seemingly unsolvable cases on CBS’s Limitless. But before he came across the mysterious NZT drug, Brian (Jake McDorman) was just your average guy hitting the bong in his college days and attempting to make it big as a musician after graduation.

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Marc Webb on directing Limitless pilot: 'There were a lot of little visual flights of fancy'

Limitless, CBS’ new action-thriller based on the 2011 sleeper hit starring Bradley Cooper, continues the film’s story, but follows a brand-new user of NZT, the designer drug at the center of the story: Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman. And because he’s new, Brian’s giddily exploring his drug-enabled ability to access every memory he’s ever had, making him capable of doing almost anything.

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On the set of Limitless, the showy series that uses a designer drug to ask 'Why not?'

Brian Finch is high. Not high high, but NZT-high, as in wired-into-every-memory-and-experience-and-morsel-of-knowledge-he’s-ever-learned high, because that’s what NZT, the designer drug at the center of CBS’ new action thriller, does: It gives normal guys like Brian the temporary ability to do anything, once he quickly calculates how to do it. He can outrun police in the middle of a crowded square. He can leap, parkour-style, down a building’s fire escapes.

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