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From Michael Bay to Eminem, here are creators who've (sort of) apologized for their work

Armageddon Michael Bay

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When you create something for public consumption, you’re putting yourself in a very fragile position. For example, creating a popular television show means handing your beloved characters over to the world for weekly scrutinizing. Then again, it also means handing them over for weekly adoration. But no matter how beloved a show, movie, album, or book might be, no creator is perfect. And by default, no creator’s work is perfect.

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New James Frey paperback implies he has scandalous recordings of Oprah...or not


Prone-to-perhaps-slight-exaggeration author James Frey’s new paperback version of his latest book, Bright Shiny Morning,contains two scenes cut from the hardcover – including one in which a sorta-like-Frey character obtains embarrassing audio tapes of his Oprah-ish nemesis, Fox News reports with conviction.

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