James Marsden

James Marsden says he regrets turning down
Magic Mike role

James Marsden has been a member of the X-Men, a singing prince in Enchanted, and vied for Rachel McAdams’ affections in The Notebook, but there’s still one role he passed on that he wishes he hadn’t. 

During an interview for the latest issue of GQ, the 43-year-old actor got candid about life in Hollywood, including how he had been up for (and turned down) a role in Magic Mike.

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James Marsden, Toby Kebbell join Sofia Vergara in The Female Brain

James Marsden, Toby Kebbell, and Lucy Punch are among the actors set to join Sofia Vergara in The Female Brain, an ensemble comedy, written and directed by Whitney Cummings.

The film, which is based on the book of the same name by neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine, will also star Cummings, Cecily Strong, Blake Griffin, Deon Cole, Beanie Feldstein, Xosha Roquemore, and Chris D’Elia, who starred with Cummings on her NBC sitcom, Whitney.

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The D Train directors share secrets on THAT Jack Black, James Marsden scene

Since January when The D Train premiered and was quickly snapped up for theatrical distribution as one of the buzzier titles at the Sundance Film Festival, the scene has been the indie dramedy’s primary talking point: a romantic hook-up between Jack Black’s bumbling suburbanite character and James Marsden’s Hollywood hunk.

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James Marsden meets the real Dermot Mulroney in exclusive D Train clip

They say that Hollywood is a lot like high school, and everyone wants to sit at the cool kids’ table. In The D Train, which opens May 8, Jack Black’s average-schmo Dan is organizing his 20-year high-school reunion. To generate enthusiasm and a high turnout, he gets it in his head that the key is luring back Oliver (James Marsden), a handsome former classmate who’s made it big in Hollywood. And by big, I mean, he’s starring in a national commercial!! 

Fame is relative—so when Dan tracks Oliver down during a business trip out west, he can’t believe he’s hanging with the Oliver Lawless. But when the two pop into a club to get their night rolling, there’s an even bigger star already holding court: Dermot Mulroney. Not wanting to disappoint Dan, Oliver says hello to the star of My Best Friend’s Wedding… and suddenly, it’s the good-looking Marsden who feels like he’s back in high school. Watch the excruciatingly awkward exclusive clip below.

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Watch the trailer for 'Accidental Love,' a missing-in-action David O. Russell movie

Here’s a David O. Russell movie (sort of) without the good kind of buzz that has been accompanying his films like Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. A trailer is finally out for Accidental Love, formerly called Nailed, starring Jessica Biel as a woman who gets a nail stuck in her head. 

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Will James Marsden finally get the girl in a Nicholas Sparks movie?


If there’s no official rule against James Marsden landing the girl in his movies, it sometimes seems like there is a conspiracy against him. The Notebook. Enchanted. Superman Returns. He’s always getting left standing, as the odd man out. He even got squeezed out of the X-Men films, and one of the rare occurrences where he actually ended up with the girl was 30 Rock, where he ended up with a Lemon. Clearly, he’s just not good-looking enough.

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