James Taylor

James Taylor updates 'Fire and Rain' lyrics to add all the other stuff he's seen

Back in 1970, James Taylor had seen fire and rain. In 2015, he’s seen a whole lot more (though still not Full House).

On Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Taylor updated the lyrics to his hit song. “The thing is, I wrote that song in 1970, and I just hadn’t seen that much back then, mostly fire and rain,” Taylor told Colbert. “That’s why I keep saying it over and over again in the song.”

So what new stuff did Taylor add to the 2015 version of “Fire and Rain”? Left Shark, Friends, and Snakes on a Plane.

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James Taylor adds 'in my pants' to his songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain… in my pants.”

That may not be exactly how you remember James Taylor’s classic song “Fire and Rain,” but the legendary songwriter showed us on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he’s added a twist (recommended by Kimmel) to his hits.

Now you can hear all of your favorite James Taylor songs with the words “in my pants” at the end.

“Oh, Mexico, in my pants, sounds so simple I just got to go, in my pants…” Taylor sang.

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James Taylor and Jimmy Fallon (as James Taylor) sing on a seesaw

Jimmy Fallon pulled out his well-known (and at times scarily accurate) impersonation of James Taylor when the musician himself appeared on The Tonight Show. But rather than strum along on guitar with him to a classic Taylor track, the two James Taylors decided to sing an original song about seesaws… while playing on a seesaw.

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James Taylor to perform at the Apollo Theater the same day Before This World drops

James Taylor will be performing at the Apollo Theater in a special, invitation-only concert for SiriusXM subscribers Tuesday, June 16, the same day his new album, Before This World, officially drops. The Grammy winner announced the concert during an interview on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday. 

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