Mandi Bierly
November 18, 2008 AT 12:00 PM EST

I knew our bond was weakening when I stopped watching Men in Trees after his Jack’s boat went down in the Bering Sea, and I’m pretty sure James Tupper felt it, too. His attempts to re-woo me are so see-through: guesting on last night’s Samantha Who?, starring in the summer 2009 Hallmark Channel movie Kingdom Come (as a rancher, pictured)…

Please, Mr. Tupper, give this girl some credit. I am not that easy. I have not watched last night’s DVR’d episode of Samantha Who? (yet), and I seriously doubt that I’ll be tuning into Kingdom Come (even though my colleague Nicholas Fonseca sent me an email this morning with the message “Please don’t die of a heart attack when you read this” and a link announcing that Dean Cain is your costar).

So who else is over James Tupper? (And who’s being wooed again?)

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