Jason Rothenberg

The 100 releases first soundtrack, scored by Tree Adams

The CW’s post-apocalyptic sleeper hit The 100 has seen a lot of changes in season 3. Major characters have died; new villains have emerged; and Clarke even had red hair for a bit. But a more subtle change that viewers might not have noticed is the show’s new musical composer: Tree Adams, who joined the series for season 3.

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The 100 showrunner takes a look back at the series' trajectory — and what he knows about its ending

As a first-time showrunner, The 100 executive producer Jason Rothenberg has met his fair share of, well, first-time showrunning challenges, from the series’ shaky debut to the pressures of a growing fandom. By navigating darker storytelling over the years, he tackled them all, allowing the show to find a passionate audience — enough to make Twitter chatter about #The100 increase tenfold from its first season to its third.

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Why defining Clarke’s sexuality marked a 'turning point' for The 100

The 100 is not a love story. But while the plot of The CW’s gritty post-apocalyptic sci-fi series may be more concerned with the war on Earth, the show has won praise from critics (and fervent hashtagging from fans) for identifying its heroine, Clarke (Eliza Taylor), as bisexual, ever since she shared a kiss with Grounder leader Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in season 2. 

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Why everyone's talking (and tweeting) about The 100

Eliza Taylor is used to being caked in mud or blood. Or both. Dirty and disheveled is practically the 26-year-old’s uniform: As Clarke Griffin, the resourceful heroine of The CW’s postapocalyptic thriller The 100, Taylor spends hours running through the forest hunting and being hunted. So when the production — now in its third season — abandoned the wilds surrounding Vancouver, venturing for the first time to the city streets, the actress was ready for something a little more civilized.

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