Jay Duplass

Transparent: Maura shatters glass in exclusive clip

Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) breaks the glass ceiling in Transparent’s latest season — or rather, the glass wall.

In an exclusive clip from the Amazon half-hour, Maura tells Josh (Jay Duplass), “I am a Jewish woman, Joshy, and Jewish women do whatever they want.” And in this case, doing whatever she wants means smashing a glass divider as her shocked son watches on. Don’t worry, though: She makes sure to cover his head in a protective trash can before making the mess.

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HBO orders Mark and Jay Duplass anthology comedy series

HBO is staying in the Duplass business.

The network announced Thursday it has ordered an anthology comedy series titled Room 104 from Mark and Jay Duplass, the filmmaking brothers. The new series, which will debut in 2017, is set in a single room of an average American hotel, and each episode follows a different story of the various characters who pass through the room.

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Melanie Lynskey: Every scene's secret weapon

Since her stunning debut in Peter Jackson’s 1994 classic Heavenly Creatures, Melanie Lynskey has made each project she’s been in just a little bit better, whether it’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Up in the Air, or Sweet Home Alabama (she was the subject of Reese Witherspoon’s classic line, “You have a baby … in a bar”).

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A mega Transparent recap:
Let's talk about all of season 2

Amazon dropped all 10 episodes of Transparent’s second season on Dec. 11. To welcome back the Pfefferman family neurotic Jewish mother Shelly (Judith Light), transgender “moppa” Maura (Jeffrey Tambor), and their three children, Sarah (Amy Landecker), Ali (Gaby Hoffman) and Josh (Jay Duplass) we binged and recapped the whole season. The page numbers correspond to the episode number so you can read along, without spoilers, as you watch.

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Mark and Jay Duplass to release book of essays

Mark and Jay Duplass, the duo behind HBO’s Togetherness, will publish an essay collection with Ballantine Books in 2017. Commonly known as the Duplass Brothers, Mark and Jay are writers, directors, actors, and producers — Mark currently appears on The League and The Mindy Project, while Jay stars on Amazon’s Transparent.

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5 questions from the season 2 premiere of Transparent

Welcome home, Pfefferman family! Amazon has just made Transparent’s season 2 premiere available for streaming. Our review of the full season appears in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands now, and it will soon be available online. We’ll post our official recaps for the full season once the rest of the series is available for streaming on Dec. 11.

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Amazon is releasing the Transparent season 2 premiere early

The Pfeffermans are returning early — Amazon is offering an early look at the Golden Globe-winning series’ second season.

Amazon will release the first episode of Transparent’s newest season Monday at 8 p.m. ET for Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States. The full season will then premiere on Dec. 11. Amazon has previously given subscribers early access to original series before their debut dates, having released the pilot episode of The Man in the High Castle ahead of its full season 1 premiere.

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The Duplass brothers' animated show is coming to HBO

Animals, an animated series produced by Mark and Jay Duplass, is coming to HBO, the network confirmed to EW Friday. 

The two brothers already work together on HBO’s Togethernessa comedy-drama they co-created. (Mark also stars, alongside Melanie Lynskey and Amanda Peet.) But Animals is a different, well, animal: The show will be made up of shorts featuring less-than-popular critters like pigeons and rats.

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