JB Smoove

JB Smoove recounts rejected SNL pitches with Seth Meyers

JB Smoove and Seth Meyers used to work together on the Saturday Night Live writing staff. So when Smoove stopped by Late Night on Wednesday, Meyers brought up some of the comedian’s crazier rejected pitches. They range from unorthodox combinations (a Subway worker who used to be a bank teller and can’t stop licking sandwich ingredients as if they were tightly stacked money), or a hidden idea (like the manual facelift that was really a wig commercial).

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Fresh Off the Boat recap: 'We Done Son'

The truthiest Fresh Off the Boat truth concerns Jessica’s personality: She is driven. Even if it’s to her detriment, the Huang matriarch foresees her own vision and wants to execute it no matter what could stand as collateral damage. Like Honey’s ideas and friendship. They agree to differentiate friend and business time, even setting it on with an egg timer. As Grandma watches Beaches incarnate (Jessica as Bette Midler, Honey as Barbara Hershey) debate open house details.

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