Jeb Bush

Stephen Colbert salutes Jeb Bush on new 'Hungry for Power Games'

The 2016 presidential primaries are heating up, which means more and more candidates are dropping out in the face of defeat. The latest withdrawal was Jeb Bush, who announced he was suspending his campaign after a dismal finish in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. Stephen Colbert once again turned to his Caesar Flickerman impression to see Jeb off in the latest edition of his Hungry for Power Games segment.

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Jimmy Kimmel transforms Republican presidential debate into Wacky Races parody

With all the back-and-forth discussion during the latest Republican president debate, Jimmy Kimmel decided it would be more entertaining to listen to their arguing in cartoon form.

The late-night host debuted a parody of the presidential debate, pairing the audio from the candidates’ discussion with characters from the classic cartoon Wacky Races. Trump’s voice is given to Dick Dastardly while Jeb Bush becomes Lazy Luke as they and other candidates argue over Trump’s statements on immigration.

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Stephen Colbert counters Jeb Bush's Late Show raffle with his own contest

Stephen Colbert is no stranger to the dark arts of campaign fundraising, having notoriously established his own super PAC that brought in more than $1 million back in 2011. But the Late Show host-elect doesn’t seem too keen on Jeb Bush’s attempt to cash in on his upcoming visit to Colbert’s new digs on Sept. 8.

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