Jeff Hephner

Jeff Hephner on working with Sharon Stone for
Agent X

Agent X might be able to handle situations the FBI and CIA won’t tackle, but off-screen, the man behind the secret operative has some fears.

“I think of him as the guy as like, if he had a daughter and I had to go ask her out, I would just not,” Jeff Hephner told EW of his Agent X costar Gerald McRaney at New York Comic Con. “I’d be like, I can’t. He scares the sh– out of me.”

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See Sharon Stone in the first teaser trailer for TNT series Agent X — exclusive

Dealing with situations the FBI and CIA won’t even handle must not leave a lot of time for fun, let alone flirting. But in the first piece of footage from TNT’s Agent X, titular spy John Case (Jeff Hephner) manages to impress the ladies as he defends the country.

Agent X serves as the vice president’s secret weapon, only to be deployed when traditional law and government lack the means to help. He’s so secret that even the president doesn’t know about his service.

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