Jeremy Slater

The Exorcist EP on that big twist: 'I wanted audiences to fall in love with this family'

Warning: This post contains spoilers from episode 5 of The Exorcist. Proceed with caution.

“My name is Regan MacNeil.”

And just like that, The Exorcist finally revealed the secret it had been keeping since before the series aired: The Fox series is not a reboot of the classic 1973 movie. Instead it’s a sequel, with Geena Davis playing an older version of the famously possessed girl.

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The Exorcist will feature an exorcism this season — and it’s soon

It’s the question The Exorcist fans have been asking since the series premiered on FOX two weeks ago: Will an exorcism actually take place this season?

Well, show creator and executive producer Jeremy Slater finally offered an answer at the show’s New York Comic Con panel on Thursday — and it’s sooner rather than later.

“October 21, there’ll be an exorcism,” said Slater. “Episode 5 is a big, big episode. [It will be] 43 minutes of real time exorcism.”

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