Jim Jarmusch

See Adam Driver in the poster for Jim Jarmusch's upcoming drama Paterson

News of a film from director Jim Jarmusch (Stranger Than Paradise, Dead Man, Broken Flowers, Only Lovers Left Alive) is always a cause for celebration. His newest is called Paterson, and the title stands for both the New Jersey town where the movie takes place and the name of a quiet bus driver, played by Adam Driver. 

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Casting Net: Chris Hemsworth boarding 'In the Heart of the Sea.' Plus: Stephen Colbert, Ray Winstone, Anton Yelchin


Image Credit: Joe Klamar/Getty Images

• Chris Hemsworth is attached to play the first mate on the whaling ship the Essex in the harrowing real-life naval thriller In the Heart of the Sea. Based on the 2000 book by Nathaniel Philbrickthe story chronicles the grim fate of the Essex’s crew after the ship was attacked and capsized by a sperm whale, inspiring Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

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