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Spider-Man Homecoming trailer coming this week: Get a first look now

The long-awaited Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer is finally swinging into view.

In a short preview posted to the film’s official Twitter account Wednesday, star Tom Holland — taking the reins of the iconic web-slinging hero from previous Peter Parkers Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire — slips into his first official Spider-Man costume ahead of an extended preview of the movie, which is set to air during Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday.

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Jimmy Kimmel's Christmas Wall could get you through family political debates

The contentious election that led to President-elect Donald Trump (now TIME’s Person of the Year) has birthed a lot of contentious political debates, the kind that will probably only ratchet up in intensity over the final holidays of 2016. On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel proposed a bipartisan solution to this problem: A Christmas Wall.

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Jimmy Kimmel assembles star-studded musical number for AIDS benefit

Jimmy Kimmel turned his Tuesday night show into a benefit for (RED), a charity built to raise funds for the fight against AIDS. He assembled a star-studded crew of celebrities (including Neil Patrick Harris, Channing Tatum, DJ Khaled, Brandon Flowers, Halsey, and Julia Roberts) and together with the fancy dress, holiday vibes, and abundant talent, it wasn’t long before they gathered around the piano. Together, they formed The (RED) Pack and sang a delightful, cynical song called “We’re Going to Hell.”

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Garth Brooks and Jimmy Kimmel write a country song about breakdancing

Many country songs involve lyrics about trucks or beer or warm summer nights, but at its heart, the genre is often about some deep pain. As Garth Brooks explained to Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night, a good country song can start with finding “something that moves you, something you’d die for, something that changed your life.” That’s right, Brooks continued his monster comeback year by instructing Kimmel in the art of writing a country hit.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda describes experiencing Donald Trump's win in Mexico

Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda commented on Donald Trump’s stunning election win while on Friday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Miranda, who was promoting his work on the Disney film Moana, recalled the first headline he saw when he got off the airplane in Mexico. “The headline read ‘A Temblar,’” he said, which means “start trembling.” 

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Jimmy Kimmel tries to convince L.A. Rams football player that dinosaurs existed

L.A. Rams player William Hayes has some interesting opinions. On the one hand, he believes mermaids are real; on the other hand, he thinks dinosaurs aren’t. Taking advantage of the franchise’s recent relocation to Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel recently took Hayes to the Natural History Museum in L.A. to see if science could persuade him. They met a helpful tour guide, who explained how birds are dinosaurs and mammals are not, and how fossils are found, and things like that. Hayes was unmoved, and his belief in mermaids remained steadfast.

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Robert De Niro: I can't punch Donald Trump in the face now

Over the course of the 2016 election, many celebrities came out in favor of Hillary Clinton. Robert De Niro was unique, however, in that he said he’d like to punch Donald Trump in the face. Now, of course, that possibility seems much more far-fetched in the wake of Trump’s victory, as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out to De Niro on Wednesday night.

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