Joanna Going

Kingdom stars Joanna Going, Jonathan Tucker talk what's next for Christina and Jay

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the Dec. 9 episode of Kingdom, you might want to stop reading now.

For Kingdom fans, their introduction to Christina Kulina may have involved her standing on the side of the road working as a prostitute, but seeing her through the eyes of her eldest son, Jay, it was evident that there was more to that relationship than a life torn apart by drugs. There was also a very deep love. 

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Everything you need to know about Kingdom's 'relentless' season 2

Are you one of the weak? Are you one of the strong? That was the central question posed by DirecTV’s hit series Kingdom in its first season. Following ex-MMA fighter Alvey Kulina, the show focuses around Alvey’s gym, the fighters within it, his family, and so much more. In its first year on the air, it proved to be one of the most understated and powerful new shows. And when it returns for season 2, fans cans expect an equally compelling — if not more —experience.

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Nick Jonas, Matt Lauria are back in the cage in exclusive Kingdom season 2 trailer

When Kingdom’s first season came to a close, Lisa, Alvey, Ryan, and Jay were all celebrating victories in their professional lives … while still struggling to figure out their personal lives. Then you had Christina, who showed she maybe wasn’t quite ready to let go of her former life, and Nate, who showed he maybe was ready to embrace a new life for himself. 

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