Joe Lynch

Holliston graphic novel to feature mad killers, giant monsters, and evil aliens

Source Point Press will publish a graphic novel inspired by director Adam Green’s sitcom Holliston on Oct. 26, the publisher announced Monday. The tome is titled Holliston: Friendship is Tragic and features the four main characters from the movie-centric show, who are played by Green, his fellow filmmaker Joe Lynch, and actresses Laura Ortiz and Corri English. In the graphic novel, “Adam” finds a cursed credit card and buys his friends Halloween gifts.

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Marathon Movie Crypt podcast to benefit Yorkshire Terrier rescue organization — exclusive details

Directors Adam Green (Hatchet, Digging Up the Marrow) and Joe Lynch (Everly, Wrong Turn 2) have announced that they are set to host a live, marathon edition of their film podcast The Movie Crypt to benefit Save A Yorkie Rescue, Inc. The pair will start broadcasting on Aug.

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Steven Yeun's new film is 'Wolf of Wall Street meets 28 Days Later — without zombies,' director says

Director Joe Lynch (Everly) has described his new, Steven Yeun-starring film Mayhem, as “Wolf of Wall Street meets 28 Days Later — without zombies.” Lynch was talking on the latest edition of The Movie Crypt, the podcast he cohosts with fellow genre filmmaker Adam Green (Hatchet).

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Directors Adam Green and Joe Lynch get sketchy in Movie Crypt podcast poster

If you’re looking for a podcast that features advice from Hollywood insiders and a lot of foul-mouthed bickering, occasionally interrupted by the barking of a really cute Yorkshire Terrier named Arwen, then we heartily recommend Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s The Movie Crypt (you’ve also got real specific tastes).

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How Everly director Joe Lynch turned Salma Hayek into a kick-ass action hero

Salma Hayek’s new action movie Everly may come as a something of a shock to fans who are used to seeing her in less mayhem-filled material. “It’s one of those movies where you’ve got to be a little selective [about] who watches it,” says the film’s director Joe Lynch (Wrong Turrn 2, Chillerama). “Most people go, ‘Oh, Salma Hayek? I can’t wait!’ And then you go, ‘This is not Grown Ups 3. This is not Frida 2. This is a completely different beast.”

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