Joe R. Lansdale

Kickstarter campaign launches to republish Joe R. Lansdale's graphic novel Red Range

The bibliography of Joe R. Lansdale received a nice publicity boost earlier this year with SundanceTV’s Hap and Leonard show, which is based on a series of crime thrillers by the East Texas author. But some works by the prolific, genre-hopping writer remain out of print. Like what? Like the 1999 graphic novel Red Range, a collaboration with artist Sam Glanzman (Hercules), about a 19th-century African-American man who has his life ripped apart by the KKK, but finds a way to fight back by donning the guise of the Red Mask. 

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Christina Hendricks: 'The s--- hits the fan' on tonight's Hap and Leonard -- video

The first season of SundanceTV’s East Texas-set crime drama Hap and Leonard has already featured a couple of double-crosses and several killings as its characters first tried to retrieve, and then fell out over, a fortune in stolen cash. But that was all just a warm-up to tonight’s penultimate episode of the six-part Joe R. Lansdale adaptation, according to Christina Hendricks, who plays the show’s waitress-femme fatale, Trudy.

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The Odd Couple: How Joe R. Lansdale dreamed up Hap and Leonard

Back in 1990, Joe R. Lansdale published a thriller called Savage Season about two well-meaning pals — the white, straight Hap Collins and the black, gay Leonard Pine — who attempt to retrieve a fortune in stolen money from the bottom of an East Texas river. Lansdale had no plans to return to the characters, and the reception that greeted Savage Season did not encourage him to make any. “It disappeared into the morass,” he says. “It was just totally lost.”

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