Joey Lawrence

Casting Net: Missi Pyle, Joey Lawrence hit horse rescue drama Emma's Chance

  • Missi Pyle and Joey Lawrence are heading to Emma’s Chance. Greer Grammer is already in to play the lead, Emma, whose unlikely relationship with an abused horse, Chance, changes her life. Pyle plays Susan Peirce, the founder of the real-life Southern California equine rescue. Writer and director Anna Elizabeth James’ film begins production in September.
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Throwback Thursday: Remember 'Brotherly Love'? Who was/is the hottest Lawrence brother? -- POLL

Brotherly Love

Image Credit: Everett Collection

Before we had the Hemsworth brothers, we had the Lawrence brothers. Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence taught me a lot as a young girl. By watching that family on television, I learned just exactly what “good genes” meant, and how to spell it. I also learned the importance of a good head of hair on a man (and how everyone looks hot with a little engine grease on their face). That’s right, ’90s babies, I’m talking about Brotherly Love!

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