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'The Spectacular Now' and three other coming-of-age movies worth watching

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What is it about the coming-of-age movie? Is there any other kind of film that can hit so many sweet and bittersweet spots, or transport you back to a time when all that mattered was that secret crush and who was taking you to the senior prom? Personally, I wish there was a different name for this genre, as it always feels slightly like it’s describing movies about puberty or someone’s Bar Mitzvah.

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Judd Nelson on religion in movies, 'Breakfast Club,' and his new film 'Just 45 Minutes from Broadway'


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Judd Nelson made his name playing a bad boy as Bender in John Hughes’ 1985 classic The Breakfast Club, and he’s still breaking hearts in his role in the melodramatic new film Just 45 Minutes from Broadway, which opens Oct. 3 in L.A. and Oct. 17 in New York. The movie, directed by independent film stalwart Henry Jaglom (who adopted the film from his stage show of the same name – not the George M.

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Disney's 'Prom': Can the House of Mouse tell an edgy teen story without sex, nudity or drugs?


Image Credit: Richard Foreman Jr./Disney

There were plenty of doubters when Disney said last year that the new film Prom aspired to follow the tradition of John Hughes and Cameron Crowe. Studio chairman Rich Ross said he wanted the movie to be “honest and authentic,” an announcement that would make any of the kids from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, or any of those daring – and, in hindsight, extremely risque – ’80s teen flicks say, “Yuh, sure.”

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Lollapalooza '09 scene report: Arctic Monkeys, Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more!

Another year, another Lolla – and this time, we’ve got our man on the scene, Burhan Hamid (EW tech wizard by day, alt-fest poo-bah by night! Or at least weekend!) with a full scene report. Read his recap of the long-running annual indie-culture band bonanza below, now narrowed to a one-0ff three-day event in Chicago. Says Burhan:

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