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Kingdom: Jonathan Tucker on Jay and Alvey's most pivotal scene so far

Alvey and Jay Kulina don’t have the typical father-son relationship. From Kingdom’s pilot, we saw that Jay blamed his father for his mother’s drug-addled life, and for Alvey, it seemed like he’d given up on his eldest son after Jay made a series of poor business decisions. (Translation: He’s not always great at showing up to his fights on time… or sober.)

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Kingdom standout Jonathan Tucker on the allure of Jay Kulina

When Kingdom fans first met Jay Kulina, he was butt naked, having sex on his brother’s bed while wearing a Native American headdress. And in that instant, it would’ve been easy for fans to put Jay in a box — to decide he’s the “crazy one,” the comic relief, or nothing more than the Christian Bale to Nick Jonas’ Mark Wahlberg. 

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The cast of Kingdom teaches you how to be intimidating

To survive in the world of Kingdom, you can’t be easily intimidated. Unless your name is Keith. In that case, you befriend a fighter and try to hide your homicidal tendencies. But for everyone else, intimidation is the name of the game… at least sometimes.

So when the cast of Kingdom stopped by the EW offices, we asked them to show us a thing or two about how to use that intimidation in everyday life, whether you’re ordering a cup of coffee or even complimenting someone’s child.

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Crispin Glover and Jonathan Tucker join American Gods cast

Two new deities are joining Bryan Fuller’s American Gods adaptation. Crispin Glover has been cast as the series antagonist Mr. World, and Jonathan Tucker will play the tellingly named ex-con Low Key Lyesmith.

The upcoming Starz series is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel of the same name. The story centers on a war between the Old Gods of mythology and religion, and the New Gods, which reflect America’s more materialist obsessions in the modern day.

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The Jonathan Tucker Method: How the actor became television's most important chameleon

Jonathan Tucker might have a broken neck. He’s not really sure. All he knows is that after spending 12 hours filming a fight scene for Kingdom, DirecTV’s hit show about mixed martial artists, something felt off.

But where did Tucker go when he wrapped? To eat a half-pound turkey burger. And considering Tucker starved himself only months ago in an effort to drop 30 pounds for the same role, the meal is a big deal. A maybe-broken neck is just the latest thing he’s done to his body in the name of his art. 

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Kingdom stars Joanna Going, Jonathan Tucker talk what's next for Christina and Jay

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the Dec. 9 episode of Kingdom, you might want to stop reading now.

For Kingdom fans, their introduction to Christina Kulina may have involved her standing on the side of the road working as a prostitute, but seeing her through the eyes of her eldest son, Jay, it was evident that there was more to that relationship than a life torn apart by drugs. There was also a very deep love. 

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Everything you need to know about Kingdom's 'relentless' season 2

Are you one of the weak? Are you one of the strong? That was the central question posed by DirecTV’s hit series Kingdom in its first season. Following ex-MMA fighter Alvey Kulina, the show focuses around Alvey’s gym, the fighters within it, his family, and so much more. In its first year on the air, it proved to be one of the most understated and powerful new shows. And when it returns for season 2, fans cans expect an equally compelling — if not more —experience.

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Nick Jonas, Matt Lauria are back in the cage in exclusive Kingdom season 2 trailer

When Kingdom’s first season came to a close, Lisa, Alvey, Ryan, and Jay were all celebrating victories in their professional lives … while still struggling to figure out their personal lives. Then you had Christina, who showed she maybe wasn’t quite ready to let go of her former life, and Nate, who showed he maybe was ready to embrace a new life for himself. 

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