Michael Slezak
October 29, 2007 AT 09:45 PM EDT

Yesterday was my idea of the perfect Sunday, which means I spent my time glued to the couch, snacking on crackers and cheese, and catching up on a couple weeks’ worth of backlogged TV shows. What stuck out for me — aside from the fact that Desperate Housewives has finally returned to its freshman-year level of hilarity, and that I can’t seem to force myself to catch up on Heroes — was the number small, guest-starring roles that caught my attention. Three, in particular, stood out:

• Jordan Bridges (left) on Bionic Woman: The unsteady writing and acting on NBC’s freshman series has been most vexing — and steady ratings declines since the show’s debut indicate I’m not alone in my opinion — but Bridges’ work as a teaching assistant with a hidden agenda seemed to shake series star Michelle Ryan out of her usual stupor, so much so that I barely noticed the absence of Katee Sackhoff (the true Bionic headliner). Granted, I’m probably swayed by Bridges’ superfine looks (check out a behind the scenes video here), but the fact that he’ll return in his role this Wednesday stopped me from removing Bionic from my series-recording list — despite the fact that last episode’s climactic scene involved a Ryan using a cantaloupe to subdue a baddie. Seriously.

• Caroline Aaron (center) on Grey’s Anatomy: Aaron’s one of those super-familiar character actors who’s appeared on everything from Ally McBeal to Curb Your Enthusiasm, but her brief, touching turn as a chatterbox with a tumor on her tongue got me wondering why producers from all the major networks aren’t lighting up her agent’s phone line with offers to make her a series regular on something — anything — that requires both comedic and dramatic chops.

addCredit(“Jordan Bridges: Carol Segal”)

• Josh Stamberg (right) on Brothers & Sisters:Stamberg’s performance as Cliff, an almost one-night stand for Sarah(Rachel Griffiths) was fleeting but filled with warmth, humor, and sexappeal. And incidentally, it marked a mini Six Feet Underreunion, seeing how Stamberg played Sarge, David’s paintball-playingfantasy guy on the still-missed HBO series, and Griffiths playedDavid’s sister-in-law. With creepy Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) almost outof the picture, here’s hoping the producers find a way to reunite Cliffwith my favorite Walker child.

Anyhow, those are three actors who had me heading to IMDB to double-check their credits. How about you? Any unheralded guest-starring spots that caught your attention in recent weeks?

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