Josh Peck

There will be a Drake & Josh reunion on Grandfathered

Drake Bell and Josh Peck are reuniting, but not for a new special or a Drake & Josh reboot: The former will guest-star on the latter’s new show, Grandfathered.

In an episode of John Stamos’ Fox comedy that airs this coming spring, Gerald (Peck) and Vanessa (Christina Milian) are eager to pitch an app idea, and Bell plays the showy tech investor in their sights. 

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Grandfathered star Josh Peck on John Stamos bromance, possible Drake & Josh reunion

Two episodes into Grandfathered, and we’ve already seen John Stamos in short shorts, Josh Peck cry during Kramer vs. Kramer, and a guest appearance from Lil Wayne. And Tuesday night, viewers of the Fox sitcom will experience Jimmy (Stamos) and his newly discovered child Gerald (Peck) getting wasted in the name of father-son bonding.

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