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Justified: Walton Goggins says Boyd Crowder might make a comeback

Walton Goggins has been very busy over the past couple of years, starring in Quentin Tarantino’s film The Hateful Eight, filming his new HBO sitcom Vice Principals (premieres July 17), and playing a retired Navy SEAL in HISTORY’s forthcoming drama SIX. But the actor still misses inhabiting his signature role of Boyd Crowder on FX’s cop show Justified.

“I’ve never missed him as much as I did last September, when usually we go back to work,” Goggins tells EW. “He’s never more than a cold beer and an intellectual, Machiavellian comment away.”

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The Jonathan Tucker Method: How the actor became television's most important chameleon

Jonathan Tucker might have a broken neck. He’s not really sure. All he knows is that after spending 12 hours filming a fight scene for Kingdom, DirecTV’s hit show about mixed martial artists, something felt off.

But where did Tucker go when he wrapped? To eat a half-pound turkey burger. And considering Tucker starved himself only months ago in an effort to drop 30 pounds for the same role, the meal is a big deal. A maybe-broken neck is just the latest thing he’s done to his body in the name of his art. 

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Margo Martindale recalls her first and worst TV roles

Margo Martindale, or “Character Actress Margo Martindale” as BoJack Horseman fans will know her best, has had dozens of film and TV roles, including memorable turns on JustifiedBoJack, and The Americans.

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Friends, Justified, and Queer as Folk creators discuss crafting series finales

Crafting a television series finale can be a monumental task, but being able to do so on your own terms offers a set of unique opportunities and challenges. 

During the ATX Television Festival, the creators behind FriendsJustified, and Queer as Folk spoke about the process in “The Final Finale” panel, hosted by EW’s Editor, Henry Goldblatt. Watch as Marta Kauffman, Graham Yost, and Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman take the audience through what finales allow them to do as creators.

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Justified series finale: EW review

The crackling neo-western pulp of Justified always wore its heft and depth as casually as Raylan Givens wore his Stetson. An image from this fine, final season, from the episode “Fugitive Number One,” summed up the stakes of the series and foreshadowed its end: Raylan on one side of the frame, his silhouette cast on the other, looking the other way. He’s trying to leave a room through a clearly visible door, yet he’s called back to indulge his coal-digging soul bro nemesis, Boyd Crowder, the foul, loquacious Loki to his tempestuous, righteous Thor.

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Justified: Graham Yost talks 'very propulsive, very exciting' series finale

Four of Justified’s five season finales (so far) ended with the song “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive,” a reflexive statement about the show’s home county. But executive producer Graham Yost has always viewed it instead as a question: Who will leave Harlan alive?

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Justified finale: Walton Goggins talks about the end of Boyd's story

FX’s Western Justified ended its six-season run on Tuesday. With all the violence and conflict between Ava (Joelle Carter), Boyd (Walton Goggins), and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant), the show ended in a calmer place: It’s more about the story of a friendship. Goggins joined us to talk about his thoughts on the finale. Obviously spoilers ahead…

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'The Promise'

I’ve been mentioning throughout the season that Justified, despite boasting a world populated by a host of tertiary characters that are as thoughtfully constructed as the main players, has always been a show about Raylan, Boyd, and Ava. Since the very first episode this has been a story about how the Givens and Crowder families share a history together, for better or for worse.

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Justified stars, showrunner on how the series gets women right

Elmore Leonard’s influence is all over Justified, a show that boasts an expansive ensemble cast, sharp dialogue, and plenty of shootouts. But those aren’t the only signatures of a Leonard work: It also needs its women to kick ass. Karen Sisco spars Jack Foley to a draw in Out of Sight. Jackie Brown outsmarts the guys that tried to use her and comes out on top. And Ava Crowder (Joelle Carter) and Rachel Brooks (Erica Tazel) more than deserve spots in the pantheon of Leonard heroines after six years on screen.

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Scene Unseen: Justified's Graham Yost told us about a car shootout he never filmed, so we animated it

“Pop the trunk.”

These three simple words mean more than you could know for Justified showrunner Graham Yost, who spoke to EW about a Justified shootout he didn’t have the chance to actually film.

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