Justine Ezarik

Hannah Hart, Joey Graceffa, and more YouTube stars play the emoji association game at Stream Con

What do you think of when you get the smiling poop emoji texted to you? Or what does the peach emoji stand for to you? PEOPLE found out what the biggest YouTube stars thought about these and several other emojis in a game of emoji association at Stream Con.

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VidCon: iJustine advises you not to get in cars with strangers

YouTube celebrity Justine Ezarik, more commonly known as iJustine, stopped by the People and Entertainment Weekly stage at VidCon Thursday morning and chatted with Shira Lazar about the merits of Facebook stalking oneself, planned collaborations with fellow YouTubers, and how she deals with haters. 

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iJustine draws on people's faces at VidCon

iJustine (or “Justine Ezarik” for those who don’t live on the Internet) celebrated her time at VidCon by — how else? — vlogging. In a video posted Friday, she took fans through her panels, bumped into other YouTube stars, and… drew on people’s faces? 

When an eager fan asked the vlogger and comedian for a signature, she turned her camera on him and, lacking paper, signed his face with what might be a permanent marker. Not that he minded. “If it’s a scar, I’m blessed,” he tells her. 

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Q & Play: iJustine discusses her debut book while playing Super Smash Bros.

Justine Ezarik, or as fans of her YouTube channel will know her, iJustine, has had a busy year. In addition to her multiple YouTube channels, she published her first book, I, Justine: An Analog Memoir, a memoir about what it’s like to share so much of yourself online.

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